Fornasetti Scimmie Candle

Italian painter, sculptor and designer Piero Fornasetti is best known for his imaginative and surreal aesthetic. The candles are hand poured into stunning ceramic jars, allowing you to enjoy it well after the candle has burned out.


The candle's signature "Otto" fragrance was created by Olivier Polge, known for his evocative and complex scents.


"Scimmie" (The Apes) features drunken monkeys with various styles of glasses and chalices that were originally used to decorate the Dulciora Pastry Shop in Milan in 1950. 



> Otto: notes of thyme, incense, cedarwood, balsam.

> Mineral paraffin and vegetable wax, ceramic vessel.

> Height: 4". Diameter: 4". 10.5 oz.

> Approximate burn time: 60 hours.

> Signature red presentation box.

> Handpoured in Milan, Italy.

> Fornasetti.

> Found at our 51 Charles St location.


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