Master Eye: Lana.
Chief Thief. Buyer. Curator. Creator. 


Charged with: unruly curls, the perfect buying eye and a wardrobe of black, grey, and black again.


Master Hand: Jemesii.
Manager in Thief. Right hand Thief. 


Charged with: pink hair, bedecked fingers and glittering up our lives. 


Master Nit & Grit: Passage.
Sales Thief. 


Charged with: laser sharp focus, turtlenecks and correcting your grammar.


Master Mixer: Jenny.
Sales Thief.


Charged with: rock n' roll hair and
mashups of vintage + contemporary vibes.


Master Charmer: Siobhan.
Sales Thief.


Charged with: bright smiles, a
love of mid-century modern home
goods and the perfect bell bottoms.


Master Explorer: Rebecca
Sales Thief.


Charged with: ocean hair, a creative mind and navigating the ins and outs of being our newest thief.