French Wall Tray

Crafted from a high pressure laminate, these items can be used as a functional tray or as wall art. Once you start collecting, you wont stop. 


Zhao, the avant-guarde and feminist Chinese Empress with a rabbit's innocent features, gracefully leads her country with an iron fist hidden in a velvet glove.


Cornélius, in his royal costume, poses with a touching expression that conveys his human feelings. A certain wisdom can be read in his look. What if man was just like every other monkey?


Sold separately. Wall-mounting hardware included. 



> High pressure laminate.

> Height: 25.5" x Width: 18.5" x Depth: 1".

> Food safe, heat and water resistant. Wipe clean. 

> Made in France.

> Found at our 88 Charles St. location. 

* Oversized/fragile item shipping.


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